Sayaka Pereira
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Sayaka Pereira

~ Personal Bio ~


From Dance, Martial Arts, Yoga to Aircraft Piloting, Accounting, Languages, Calligraphy, and Playing Musical Instruments… Sayaka has accomplished to the next level in many aspects of her life. Following the philosophy of 文武両道 (bun bu ryo doh), she has been dedicating in her daily training in both (=両道ryodo) physical (=bu) and intellectual (=bun) education because she never wants to stop learning. Being independent at her young age and growing up in several different countries were absolutely challenging childhood, however, ultimately the most rewarding experience as it has opened her eyes and heart to understand various cultures and made who she is today – sprits of七転八起 (nana korobi ya oki – fell seven times but get up eight times). OSU!



~ Life as a Performer ~


Sayaka started training in performing arts including dance, martial arts, theater, and music at the age of 4, and her love and passion for the arts has kept growing throughout her life. Utilizing International High School Exchange Students Program, she was not only able to be successfully independent at her young age, but also learn variety of performing arts in several different countries. These international upbringings help her to create her own unique style of performing arts.


She has been trying to learn as many styles as possible, however, in order to hit the next level, we all need to choose a few and focus. It is so important to communicate with our own heart about what we love to do and determine what level we want to accomplish within our limited life time. 成せば成る


Her specialties includes Latin Jazz, Bellydance, Samba, Fire, Yoga, Koto Harp, Jujitsu, Shaolin Wushu, and various weapons including Knife, Single / Double Swords, Staff, Whip Chain, and Fan. She has won various dance and martial arts competitions including 2012-2014 Grand Championship. Sayaka has appeared in numerous commercials (Nike, Pepsi, New Balance, Toyota…), TV shows (ESPN Extreme Sports, Nat’l Geographic, Univison, Bollywood TV, E-Channel, Paris By Nights, China TV…), performed with / for many celebrities (Shakira, Aretha Franklin, Sting, Britney Spears, Sergio Mendes, Richard Bronson…) in their music videos and live shows, prints, magazines, theatres and radio in all over the world and now spreading her wings to do more TV/Film work utilizing her skills.